We remember the following members of the Mount community and their loved ones in our prayers.

Jeanne Sedler Cottingham ʼ39
Ruth Voglewede Egan ʼ39
June Enneking Lueugers ʼ43
Shirley Wood Lyman ʼ43
Mary Jane Jameson Wenstrup ʼ43
Ruth Caruso Smith ʼ43
Mary M. McKenna ʼ44
Sr. Lawrence White, SC ʼ47
Kathryn M. Wagner Flynn ʼ48
Sr. Helen Miriam Groeber ʼ49
Mary Clare Donnelly Minges ʼ52
JoAnn Lindsay Mott ʼ52
Rose Ann Calabrese Swiger ʼ52
Rosemary Beck Counts ʼ53
Mary Fitzgerald Morrissey ʼ55
Jane C Vogele Berger ʼ57
Mary Ann Grigsby Morgan ʼ63
Seton Lally, SC ʼ64
Mary George Hagen Becker ʼ65
Anne Pieroni Szopa ʼ65
Ruth Ellen White Horney ʼ67
Mary Jane Trost Huffman ʼ67
Margaret Straw Roskop ʼ68
Georgianne Wagner Schade ʼ68
Joan Axt ʼ75
Cleo A Garvin ʼ87
Margaret A (Mimi) McCullough ʼ87
Karen Lee Lorenz ʼ89
Ruth Mary Daly Davidson ʼ90
Mary Elizabeth Symes Herbst ʼ90
Harold Peak ʼ90
Carolyn R West ʼ90
Joselyn Hayes Chandler ʼ95
Cara S Grandey King ʼ96
Linda M. Mack McCulley ʼ99
Anita Stock Scherer ʼ99
Vanessa Blust Tiemeier ʼ04
Elizabeth Holman Vainrib ʼ07

Rosemary Spraul Reyering ʼ46
JoAnn Lindsay Mott ʼ52
Susan C Clark Oberjohn ʼ52
Rita Szakats Banjoff ʼ59
Mary Ann Bockrath Jung ʼ60
Mary Philips Rapien ʼ60
Judy Joseph Stepanic ʼ60
Barbara Zitson Smith ʼ63
Carolyn Marshall Hater ʼ79
Delores Adams Cunningham ʼ82
Diane M. Sweeney Travis ʼ88
Patrica Massuchi Denoyer ʼ00

Lynne S. Sundermann Hamons ʼ61
Ann Luegers Cerone ʼ66
Jane Pierman Lomont ʼ66
Diane Rack Kammerer ʼ67
Patricia Holmstrom Metzger ʼ68
Patricia Schell Furlong ʼ69
Gerri Rack Morrison ʼ69
Anita Hulefeld Preston ʼ69
Linda Swaggard Guminey ʼ70
Anne Cosgrove Clarke ʼ71
Mary Lou Cosgrove Buelow ʼ73
Barbara Pierman Luff ʼ74
Kathleen Neumann Ellyassaki ʼ76
Mary Ann Minges ʼ77
Mary Ellen Flynn Van Dyke ʼ77
Nancy Cosgrove Cody ʼ78
Margaret Neumann Fischer ʼ78
Denise Counts Hill ʼ78
Barbara Delph Beal ʼ79
Carol Ann Lewis Beckham ʼ79
Susan P. Hibbard Jajczyk ʼ79
Cheryl A. Wessel Anglemyer ʼ80
Allison Creutzinger Ellison ʼ80
Jane A Berger-Bidwell Moeller ʼ81
Bonnie A Rack Ballauer ʼ82
Julie P Cosgrove Kammerer ʼ82
Nancy Rack Mock ʼ84
Janet Lynn Freese Huffman ʼ85
Ann Marie Flynn Corwin ʼ86 †
Kathryn Flynn Dye ʼ88
Elizabeth Flynn ʼ88
Mary L Mauch Irvin ʼ88
Stephen R Frietch ʼ89
Barbara Stahmer Grieser ʼ89
Kelly J Pennington ʼ89
Kimberly Pennington ʼ89
Cathy Ungruhn Grisby ʼ91
Jennifer Bode Wagner ʼ92
Scott Justice ʼ93
Gina Ross Krakovsky ʼ94
Jennifer Heyob Wallace ʼ99
Sheila S Walsh Tabler ʼ03
Shawn M. Scaggs ʼ12
Laurie Young Huff ʼ13

Joanne Whalen Hyle ʼ63
Joyce Whalen Rees ‘64
Janice Whalen Smith ‘67
Jayne Whalen Weir '74 (deceased)
Julianne Whalen Lenhardt ‘77
Theresa Fessel Broxterman ʼ78
Jenifer Daeger Schoenfeld ʼ78
Mary Jo Giovannazzo Tonderys ʼ80
Anne Schenden Pape ʼ84
Teresa Dorsa Hay ʼ85
NanciAnn Wagner ʼ87
Pamela Ann Poland ʼ88
Dwane K. Mallory ʼ90
Sharon M Grohs Bachman ʼ91
Nancy Poland Heisel ʼ91
Amy Knabe Schmidlin ʼ91
Mary Seeger DeWitt ʼ92
Susan Rapien Watson ʼ92
Melissa Lucas Reed ʼ94
Richard J. Seelig ʼ94
Dianna Renee Mitchell Jones ʼ01
Emily Fox Burton ʼ02
Amy Gagnon Risola ʼ02
Diane Vormbrock Gray ʼ03
Christa R Tallarigo Franke ʼ04
Katie Havrilla Blain ʼ05
Marianne Fry Topp ʼ05
Joseph Vormbrock ʼ05
Robert C. Spangler ʼ07
Lauren E Schaller ʼ10

Mary Elizabeth Wagner Daly ʼ46
Grace Wagner Heupel ʼ50
Jeanne Schaefers Roof ʼ58
Marlaine Ryan Hampton ʼ71
Diane Donovan Burke ʼ81
Anne Vollette Fischer ʼ08

Betty Ann Bachman McMahon ʼ66
Sr. Rosemarie Gerrety, SC ʼ72
Mary Ann Foley Robbe ʼ83
Diane Marie Wolf Ritter ʼ96
Cynthia Huls Maki ʼ13

Nicole Eckes Logsdon ʼ02


We Remember Mount Faculty and Staff

Dominic James Giovannazzo, Ph.D.
Former Chair of Education Department

Helen Miriam Gunn, SC
Reading Center Coordinator

Mary Lou Hines
Former Alumni Office Secretary

Capt. Edgar Mallick, USN (Ret.)
Former Academic Dean

Peter Mosher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

Daniel Quinn
Former Director of Public Safety


The Passages section was compiled from notifications that the Alumni Office received between August 15, 2013 and February 7, 2013.  Any omissions were unintentional.  To notify our office of an alum or loved one who has passed, please email alumni@msj.edu.


If you would like to make a contribution in memory of a classmate, friend, or relative, send your gift to the Office of Institutional Advancement, Mount St. Joseph University, 5701 Delhi Road, Cincinnati, OH  45233.


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