Talent Opportunity Program, bold commitment to graduates who are knowledgeable, ethical and prepared to achieve.

Success is unique for each individual. What we all have in common is the desire to be the best when competing for attractive career opportunities. It takes personal drive and motivation to be competitive in today’s job market.

The Mount is here to help with a “best in class” career readiness program. We are going the extra mile and putting our resources on the line to help you land your first professional job. We are connecting TOP students with top employers.

About TOP

The Mount’s Talent Opportunity Program (TOP) provides full-time undergraduate students with a structured and comprehensive opportunity throughout college to gain superior skills important to today’s workplace including:

  • career planning,
  • professionalism,
  • and ethical leadership.

While all students can participate in any of these activities, through TOP, students can structure these experiences and obtain career preparation by completing academic courses and engaging in experiences that will give Mount students a competitive edge. Students may earn Gold Level, Silver Level and Bronze Level status based on performance and activity level. Learn more about the different achievement levels.

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What’s Different About TOP?

The Mount has partnered with PROMARK, a Career Partners International Firm, to provide consultation and support for our students. Our classes and events will offer the latest in career readiness information. Our graduates will have support from the Career Center after graduation. GOLD level TOP graduates who continue to need services six months after graduation will be offered the opportunity to use a package of services through PROMARK.

The package pairs qualified students with a nationally-certified career coach, individualized attention and access to PROMARK resources- a package valued at $2500. There is no additional charge for the services.

There are 592 registered employers in the Mount’s Career Center database.


Students must declare their intent to participate in TOP regardless of level (gold/silver/bronze). To do so, they complete the (brief) enrollment process through the Career & Experiential Education Center.

Students must complete all TOP requirements prior to graduation. The program is strategically structured to foster involvement throughout the undergraduate experience for best results.


Students who have proven they have conducted a thorough job search using skills learned through the GOLD level Talent Opportunity Program and have not secured post-graduate employment within six months of graduation will be eligible for an additional package of career coaching services free of charge.