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Sport business is big business

Students majoring in Sport Management learn to integrate concepts from business disciplines and apply those concepts to complex sport management issues and problems. Students develop skills in planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading and evaluating an organization whose primary product or service is related to sports or recreation.

Growing Industry

  • March Madness basketball tournament generates over $300 million annually for the NCAA.
  • The new college football playoff system is projected to produce $7 billion over ten years
  • The NFL collects over $5 billion though media and broadcast rights fees each year.  The MLB has averaged over 73 million in attendance over the course of the last decade.

Given its tremendous economic impact, the sport industry continues to thrive with more job opportunities than ever before. We offer a comprehensive, business-focused degree that will provide you with a competitive advantage. 

What Sets Us Apart

  • The Mount offers one of the few sport-based degree programs to be housed within a business division.
  • Expert faculty with sport business related experience.
  • Our Program Partner initiative provides students with additional support in obtaining internships and full-time positions.
  • Over 80 percent of our graduates are either employed full-time or enrolled in graduate school.
  • Our 4+1 MBA program allows students to obtain a sport management degree and an MBA in only 5 years.
  • Minor degree in business administration is incorporated into the major providing an edge for our graduates in the marketplace.

Career Outcomes

Our graduates have a broad knowledge of sport management and can be effective managers across a wide range of sport organizations such as:

  • intercollegiate athletics
  • professional sport
  • athletic associations
  • high school associationsrecreational or intramural sport
  • event management
  • facility management
  • event coordination
  • marketing
  • fitness and health
  • sport product retail

Course Requirements

Incoming students can click here to view course requirements for the Sport Management program.

News and Events

Stay up to date with the most recent sport management program news and events and sport management industry links; visit the department of sport management page. 


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