This program is for those who want to use their arts or sciences degree to teach grades 7-12.

At Mount St. Joseph University, teacher candidates must meet the Core Curriculum requirements of the University while completing prescribed course work in their major area of study. They also take a block of professional education courses that provide a strong framework in the philosophy, theory and practice of teaching. Teacher candidates are instructed in best practice according to the guidelines of the learned society for each discipline.

The Adolescent to Young Adult Licensure programs offered at Mount St. Joseph University are:

  •     Biology/Life Science
  •     Chemistry
  •     Integrated Language Arts
  •     Integrated Math
  •     Integrated Science
  •     Integrated Social Studies

The Adolescent to Young Adult licensure programs at the Mount are accredited by the Teacher Education Accredited Council (TEAC) and approved by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

For additional information, please contact Michael Bindis, Ph.D., at 513-244-1649.