Required Honors Curriculum Freshman through Senior Years

IDS 100H: Honors Foundation Seminar

Students are required to complete a freshman Interdisciplinary Studies course. Those interested in the Honors Program should successfully complete the Honors level of IDS 100.

Service Element

Choose from one of the following:

  • One immersion course
  • Two Plus One Service Learning courses

HRN 400: Honors Capstone

Each student presents a review of their best undergraduate work. Some students choose an aspect of their departmental capstone project, while others detail a service project. Some showcase campus or community service.

A Combination of Five of the Following

  • Honors Seminar Courses - Available in any major
  • Honors Contract Courses - If Honors level does not exist in course, Honors students and faculty can create an Honors experience within an existing course
  • IDS Travel Courses - Students and faculty travel to domestic and international locations to study classroom lessons in real-life settings

Sample Honors Projects

Topics in Literature: James Joyce & Ulysses

Zachary Hacker '12 worked closely with Dr. Drew Shannon, associate professor of English, to read the works of James Joyce with particular emphasis on Ulysses. They also studied numerous film adaptations of Ulysses and the cultural impact of the controversial text. Zach prepared an essay that examined the flipping of expectations throughout the novel, with most attention given to the violations of the Homeric structure and the switched gender roles of Molly and Bloom compared to Penelope and Odysseus in “The Odyssey.”

Honors IDS Peer Leader

Samantha Gaier '11 worked closely with the Honors Program professors to become the first Honors IDS peer leader. Peer leaders provide support, friendship and guidance to new students in the IDS course. The goal was to create and develop well-rounded lesson plans focusing on a variety of disciplines. As the peer leader, Samantha was able to lead class discussions, develop presentations and serve as a resource to the freshman class.