The Master of Science In Organizational Leadership (MSOL) is a multi-disciplinary masters program that focuses on values-based leadership.

Unique in its approach, the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program (MSOL) encompasses ethics, decision-making, relationships and technology. Small classes enable interaction and enhance the teamwork necessary in learning to lead.

As an MSOL student, you can expect changes in your approach and in your outcomes:

Increased management and leadership skills: You become primed for expanded supervisory responsibility and possible commensurate pay increases.

Stronger self-awareness: You will be able to assess which jobs or promotions to pursue through a realistic evaluation of your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Increased exposure to new ideas and methods: You become aware of new concepts and the knowledge that supports them, resulting in genuine applicability to your life.

Expanded networking: You will discover new career opportunities as you share your goals and abilities with your colleagues in the classroom and the workplace.

Program Format

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is a multi-disciplinary graduate program intended for individuals in a variety of organizations that require executives with well-developed leadership skills. Both an art and a science, the essence of leadership is explored and put into everyday practice by the variety of professionals who are enrolled in the MSOL program. Classmates from a wide range of industries encourage new perspectives and broaden each student's view. Our format provides the flexibility required by today's busy leader.

  • Students take two classes at a time.
  • Classes meet Saturdays 8:30-12 p.m. and 1-4:30 p.m.
  • Classes meet 5-7 times each semester, typically every third Saturday during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • The MSOL is completed in two years.

MSOL Curriculum

Coursework centers on building the skills necessary to evaluate organizational issues and apply leadership theories, concepts and practices to lead and manage organizational change. The MSOL program requires successful completion of 12 three credit courses for a total of 36 credit hours.

  • Exploring Leadership
  • Spirituality of Leadership
  • People in Organizations
  • Social Influence
  • Finance and Accounting for Leaders
  • Global Economic Awareness
  • Legal Issues in Organizations
  • Ethical Issues in Organizations
  • The Changing Workplace
  • Managing Information, Technology & Projects
  • Organizational Research and Change I
  • Organizational Research and Change II

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Pride Points

  • MSOL graduates report higher satisfaction with work-life balance and better performance on the job, resulting in increased responsibility, promotion and pay.
  • MSOL graduates hold senior positions in education, finance, civic, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.
  • For 15 years, MSOL graduates have been making a leadership difference in Greater Cincinnati.
  • MSOL graduates have gone to pursue and attain doctoral degrees.

Students can begin the program in June, September or January. Classes occur on 5 to 7 Saturdays over the course of the semester. Small classes, usually 8-12 students, facilitated in a seminar format, foster an encouraging, cooperative learning environment.

You decide when you want to finish the program and earn your degree. Some students complete the program in 22 months, while others take a few classes at a time. You can take as long as five years to complete the MSOL program.