The DPT Program is a comprehensive degree designed to prepare clinicians who can think critically and solve problems.

The College of Mount St. Joseph delivers high-quality academics, hands-on experiential learning and individualized attention from faculty and staff devoted to your success. We do so while consistently living a culture of ethics and service.


The Mount's DPT Program is a 3 year curriculum designed to build from semester to semester as students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be professional and proficient physical therapists. The first year presents foundational knowledge from which students can build initial clinical skills, culminating in short inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences. The second year clinical courses organized by practice pattern and patient population build from basic knowledge and skills and culminates in 4 full-time clinical internships including acute care, rehabilitation, and outpatient experiences.

Curricular Themes

The following themes are reflective of the Department’s mission and philosophy and are threaded throughout the courses and internship experiences of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the College of Mount St. Joseph:
• Patient/Client Management
• Professionalism
• Service
• Communication
• Critical Inquiry
• Education
• Practice Management

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