Service Levels & Fees for Project EXCEL

Fee amounts are valid for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Transition Program


Freshman and Sophomores

The Transition Program is designed to provide comprehensive academic support for students as they move from secondary settings to post-secondary studies. Highlights of the specialized support services include:

  • Individual study schedules
  • Weekly professional tutoring
  • Weekly meetings to enhance time management and organizational skills
  • A two credit-hour course: Study for Success
  • Monitoring of student progress and academic counseling
  • Instruction on learning strategies, reading in the content areas and coping skills
  • Academic advising with attention to specific learning needs

Structured Support



The Structured Support program is designed to provide a continuation of academic support services. Academic support and structure is individualized to meet each student’s needs. Supervised time management/organization sessions are mandated based on GPA criteria or by request. Consultative model of advising between major department and EXCEL in place throughout student’s academic program.




The Maintenance Program is designed to provide the academic support, structure and consultative services students may need to complete their course of study.

Transfer Students

The nature of the academic support, structure, and accommodations for transfer students is individualized to the student’s needs and learning profile. Transfer students are subject to Transition Program fees for the first year.