This isn't just another job, but a stepping stone for me to be successful in my career later in life.

– Matt Mauer '16

What is Education at Work?

Education At Work is a non-profit organization that exclusively employs college students to help them earn money to manage the cost of their education, while at the same time gaining the foundational job skills and education needed to compete for 21st century jobs. Mount St. Joseph University has partnered with Education at Work to offer call center employment opportunities to its students in order to help students put spending money in their pockets while decreasing university tuition costs. This is a great option for students not yet in a co-op job. The call center is located in Norwood with free parking and houses an on-site student lounge/study area (complete with free WiFi and free Starbucks coffee) for you to study before, after or between shifts. 

Full-time students who work for Education At Work for six months can earn up to an additional $3,000 directly towards tuition on top of the hourly wage, based on GPA and hours worked. Stay another six months and earn up to an additional $3,000 towards tuition for a maximum of $6,000 per year. Yes, there's even a tuition assistance benefit for students enrolled part time at the Mount.

Why Should You Join the Education at Work Team?

  • Enjoy flexible training and work schedules that are exclusive to college students and adaptable to students’ class schedules.
  • Currently offering part-time customer service positions during the day or evening (minimum of 15 hours per week required, with occasional schedule flexibility permitted).
  • Work with your friends from the Mount while also working with students from other local colleges.
  • Earn $9.00 per hour.
  • Build your résumé and enhance your real-life work experience by developing skills in communication, problem solving, collaboration, customer service, and more.
  • Work with major clients such as Macy’s, Inc. and Cincinnati Bell Inc. and possibly find long-term careers with these companies after graduation.

Not Your Traditional Call Center

Some people might describe a call center as small cubicles where workers listen to customer complaints. That’s not the case with this call center. Students will talk to customers of clients such as Macy’s, Inc or Cincinnati Bell, but are helping them to resolve their service issues or complete their website orders. And, students will find that their co-workers are a lot like them. The work environment is open, inviting and includes large tables where students interact and learn from each other while working.

Mount Freshman Among First Class of Employees at Education At Work

Check out Mount student Matt Mauer's story about his Education At Work experience. Read the complete story.

For More Information

Contact Linda Pohlgeers, Career Center Director, in the Career and Experiential Education Center in Seton Center – 513-244-4824 or

Visit the Education At Work site to apply for a job.