Discover a wealth of great benefits when you participate in cooperative education at Mount St. Joseph University.

Co-op at the Mount provides an excellent opportunity for students to:

  • explore career and academic interests
  • acquire college credit
  • learn professional practices
  • develop a professional network
  • integrate academic theory with real-world learning
  • gain professional experience
  • earn money for college costs
  • access professional development resources

Explore career and academic interests

Students who co-op get the opportunity to explore experiences outside of the classroom. This lets you examine potential career paths while evaluating which course of study is right for your future.

Acquire college credit

At the Mount, co-op students not only get paid for cooperative education experience, they earn college credit too. You can work toward your degree while building your professional future.

Learn professional practices

You’ll be working in an actual professional setting, so the things you learn about culture, workplace etiquette and more will apply when you finish college and enter the real world.

Develop a professional network

While you co-op, you’ll meet working professionals around the community. The contacts you develop will be beneficial when you begin your career search after college.

Integrate academic theory with real-world learning

At the Mount, we believe a college education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Co-op students get the opportunity to apply what they learn in class to real-world situations.

Gain professional experience

Students who co-op at the Mount graduate with real, professional experience. It looks great on a resume and will help you as you progress as a professional.

Earn money for college costs

In addition to the relevant experience, you’ll earn money as a co-op student. The average co-op student makes around $10 an hour — that’s money you can put toward the cost of your education or everyday living expenses.

Access professional development resources

You can take advantage of a variety of resources, including resume and cover letter critique, interview skills preparation, job exploration, and access to an online recruitment database.