Student looking at a book.

At the heart of a Mount education is a foundational interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences core curriculum.

This core curriculum provides graduates not only the professional skills for workplace success, but also the qualities needed to thrive in the complicated and diverse world in which we live.

Ethical Leadership: Grounded in the Liberal Arts Philosophy

The Mount’s approach to ethical leadership development is also grounded in the philosophy of the liberal arts. Important aspects of this type of approach emphasize:

  • Moral and ethical reasoning
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Respect for others and cultural diversity
  • Appreciation of the contributions of multiple disciplines
  • Personal and social responsibility.

Important Ethical Leadership Elements

The Mount is a place that values the uniqueness of individual students and encourages discovery of their purpose, career vocation, and responsibility to the common good. Over the course of their undergraduate experience, students are exposed to important elements of ethical leadership development:

  • Professional ethics and the universal ethics of virtue, care and justice
  • A process of responsible leadership that’s relational, empowering and values a purpose greater than self
  • Understanding of self, others, and larger community issues in context, encouraging students to consider how their decisions and actions affect the greater good