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A legacy of leadership: At the Mount, ethical leadership is an intentional, living manifestation of our culture of ethics and service.

Be part of something greater

The Center for Ethical Leadership builds on the mission of Mount St. Joseph University as a Catholic academic community, educating students with an interdisciplinary liberal arts and professional curricula, emphasizing values, integrity, and social responsibility.

What is Ethical Leadership?

Ethical Leadership calls on us to think beyond ourselves and become involved as leaders and decision-makers in our professions, families, and communities. It is an intentional, living manifestation of the Mount’s culture of respect for others and the value for the common good to make a positive influence on society.

Why Ethical Leadership?

The Mount’s Center for Ethical Leadership encourages students to develop the skills, abilities, and characteristics that employers are looking for in the leaders of tomorrow. Candidates with personal integrity who communicate effectively, think critically, and solve complex problems stand out in the world of work.

Why at the Mount?

Since founding the College of Mount St. Joseph in the 1920s, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati have modeled for students the value of service and responsible engagement in the community. Through their practice of ethical leadership, the Sisters have guided students to be champions of justice, to be loving and caring in their relationships, and to seek ways to liberate the oppressed.