Students gathered for meeting.

The Center for Ethical Leadership promotes distinct programs that connect the classroom with the real world.

A variety of opportunities offer student participation; to help them see how they can use their talents and skills not just to improve themselves, but to sustain and build the communities where they live and work. Participating in the variety of opportunities offered through the Ethical Leadership Development programs is an excellent way for students to get to know each other and to become active in a vibrant campus life.

Leadership & Civic Engagement Minor

Students can complement their major areas of study with a minor that explores leadership practices and civic involvement through experiential, service-based learning to prepare them for active, effective, and meaningful personal professional and civic lives.

The minor provides opportunities for students to develop marketable leadership and collaboration skills with experience in addressing complex community issues by drawing from multiple academic disciplines to explore the intersection between ethical leadership and the common good. Click here for more information.

Leadership Pathways

This eight-week experience is an excellent opportunity for first-year students to meet others and develop leadership skills for campus involvement as well as career success. Students will be challenged to:

  • Serve others in the community and on campus
  • Explore their personal leadership strengths
  • Examine exemplary leadership practices
  • Articulate a personal leadership philosophy
  • Develop the skills to create a leadership action plan for college, career and life.

The Common Good Thread

The Common Good Thread experienced by all undergraduate students as part of the Mount’s Core Curriculum supports ethical leadership development through a strong and practical academic foundation.

It enables students to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, effective communicators, and ethical decision-makers.

Special Programs and Events

Additional Ethical Leadership Development programs, classroom experiences and events include:

  • Ethics Bowl Program
  • Discussions of Leadership Speaker Series
  • “Issues to Impact” Civic Forums
  •  UDecide Ethics Roundtables
  • Team Leadership U
  • BBB Torch Award Recipients Forum
  • Service Immersion Courses