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Advancing a Vision of Cincinnati that is Creating a Great Place to Grow - for Everyone

The Center for Ethical Leadership (CEL) serves as a hub that business, community organizations and civic leaders turn to for rich discussions, collaboration and programs that advance ethical leadership and build strong communities in Greater Cincinnati. The Duffey Conway Ethical Leadership Series leads the CEL’s efforts to promote collaborative conversation on leadership, ethics and civic engagement.

Mount St. Joseph University is a steward of our community and committed to serving and collaborating that all may benefit from a high quality of life. There is a critical need for our community to develop the knowledge and skills to collaborate and address the factors impeding our success. A commitment from all parties—educators, policy makers, businesses, community leaders, social service and health agencies at the local through federal levels—is necessary to improve the quality of life in Cincinnati. The CEL, in partnership with the School of Health Sciences, invites the public to participate in the Greater Cincinnati Quality of Life Forum at the Mount.

In a partnership with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Alumni Network, the CEL offers a leadership development and community issues series that supports the Alumni Network’s mission to strengthen the region by providing its members with continued leadership development, multi-directional networking, civic education and community engagement opportunities. The Alumni Network directs its efforts to leverage the strength of more than 3000 graduates of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s premier leadership programs.

The CEL, in conjunction with the BBB Center for Ethics, hosts an annual forum to engage Mount students in dialogue with exceptional local business and nonprofit leaders who are BBB Torch Award recipients. The BBB Torch Awards program promotes trust in the marketplace and honors local businesses and public charities for their outstanding commitment to fair, honest and ethical marketplace practices.

The CEL established a partnership with the VIA Institute on Character to offer Mount students special access to the only free, online, scientifically validated survey of character strengths. Research indicates that knowing and applying our unique character strengths profile increases our life satisfaction and well-being. Developing our character strengths can have a significant impact on quality of life as well as a positive effect on relationships, careers and personal growth. All incoming Mount students enrolled in their first-year seminar course engage in an exploration of their signature character strengths. 




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