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Why change to a university?

The College of Mount St. Joseph is already operating at the level of a university, and the name should reflect that designation. The Mount has had significant growth in graduate programs, including two doctorate degrees. The Mount also serves adult and online student populations, in addition to traditional undergraduate students. In addition, in the past decades, the meanings associated with “college” and “university” have changed. From an international perspective, “university” is synonymous with higher education, and “college” is not. Increasingly, “college” is the general term for higher education, but “university” is where one goes to earn the degree. Students looking to obtain a higher education degree will increasingly perceive “college” as a division of a university, a two-year technical school or a proprietary institution. On the other hand, “university” conveys a broader range of educational experiences and opportunities.

Can I have a new diploma with the University name?

Yes. However, it is not necessary to obtain a new diploma simply because of the designation change. The option to change the diploma will be available after July 1, 2014 for a fee of $25 and until supplies last. Contact the registrar’s office for information.

How should I refer to the university on my resume/job applications?

This decision is entirely up to the individual, as the Mount's accreditation will remain the same. It is appropriate to use College of Mount St. Joseph on resumes for those who graduated prior to the University implementation day of July 1, 2014. It is also acceptable to include one of the following references:
· College of Mount St. Joseph (now Mount St. Joseph University)
· Mount St. Joseph University (formerly College of Mount St. Joseph)

When will the institution officially be known as a university?

With the public announcement of the designation change, the Mount will begin the transition process. On July 1, 2014, the institution will officially be known as Mount St. Joseph University.

Does the change from college to university mean a larger, more impersonal school?

No. A Mount education will continue to inspire a life-long commitment to educational, professional and community engagement in the spirit, tradition and values of its founders, the Sisters of Charity. As a university, the Mount will continue to have an emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences, professional programs and a commitment to small class sizes and personal attention.

How will the change to university affect class sizes and overall number of students? Are there plans to dramatically increase enrollments, and if so, by when and how much?

The Mount is not conducting a designation change to University as a way of increasing enrollment. Smaller classes and individualized attention will continue to be hallmarks of a Mount education. A variety of plans are aimed at increasing enrollment, and the College would be pursuing these plans whether the designation change was occurring or not. Visit for more information about the Mount’s current strategic plan

Will we be adding new majors/programs?

The academic leadership team at the Mount has, and will continue to be, committed to ensuring that the Mount is positioned to be relevant and competitive, while remaining steadfast in providing a high-quality, highly personalized education. That commitment is expressed through a continual process of assessing and improving existing majors/programs, as well as by developing new academic programs that meet student’s interests, and prepares them for career success. This commitment will be continued regardless of the College’s designation.

Will there be colleges within the University or will they remain as departments (i.e. College of Business; College of Arts)?

The designation change may lead to changes in the academic divisions if determined appropriate after a review process.

Will the change to a University make it easier for me to get a job? Locally? Nationally?

Your credentials as a Mount graduate will be the same, whether your diploma bears the College name or the University name. When it comes to career support, alumni and students should always seek the expert advice and extensive services offered by the Career and Experiential Education Center.

What are the major benefits to changing from College to University?

A designation of “University” can convey a broader range of educational experiences and opportunities, which in term, could potentially expand the Mount’s reach with prospective students, alumni, and business partners. In addition, in terms of the number of graduate and doctorate programs, the Mount is already operating at the level of a university, so the name should reflect that designation.

How does this change benefit our incoming students? And what does it mean for our current students?

The value and quality of a Mount education remains the same. Going forward, incoming students may benefit from expanded offerings as changes continue to be implemented under the designation change to University. In both cases, incoming students and current students will be a part of Mount history in the making!

Do the plans for becoming a university include changing from NCAA Division III to Division II or Division I?

No. There are currently no plans to change the Mount’s NCAA division level.

Will the institutional logo change?

As part of the transition, the Mount will embark on a branding and positioning effort that will likely include a new visual identity for the institution.

Will the website URL change?

No, the website URL will not change. will remain as the web address for Mount St. Joseph University.

What will happen to the institutional seal?

The seal will be updated to reflect the change from “college” to “university.” The overall design, historical significance and symbolism will remain the same. For historic purposes, any seal embedded in stone will be preserved.

Will the new name affect the institution’s colors, mascot or athletic designation and logo?

The Mount’s colors and athletic logo will remain the same. Mount athletes will continue to compete in the NCAA Division III Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference as the Lions.

How should I reference the institution in conversation?

The new Mount St. Joseph University can continue to be referenced in conversation as “the Mount.”

Will the social media sites change?

As part of the transition process, the Mount’s presence on social media will be altered to reflect the designation change, but the way in which they are accessed will remain the same. If a name change requires moving to a new account, those with social connections to a Mount account will be invited to access the new account. The Mount’s social media pages can be accessed at

Will tuition and fees increase as the result of becoming a university?

The designation change will not affect the current process of assessing and updating tuition and fees.

Won’t this change be expensive and time consuming?

In order to ensure that the Mount continues its tradition of excellent stewardship of resources, anticipated expenses related to the designation change will be absorbed during the transition process as part of the regular business cycle. Planning and implementation of the transition process will continue now through the official change on July 1, 2014. Some components of the transition may extend beyond this date.

Will this affect my student loans in any way?

No. Student loans and financial aid will not be affected.

Does this affect transcripts needed for state certifications in any way?

The designation change will not affect the educational credentials conferred by the Mount, including any documentation related to the credentials, such as transcripts required for state certifications. The timing of a transcript request or submission, in relation to the official designation change on July 1, 2014, will determine if the transcript reads “College of Mount St. Joseph” or “Mount St. Joseph University.”



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